Social Ties 0.9.3

Source:Radical Robot Ltd

SocialTies lets you discover interesting people at events so you can effectively use your limited time to meet the right folk.

The app uses event data from Lanyrd ( to find events happening within the next 3 days that you might be going to. Just enter your twitter username and pick an event and we'll discover some interesting people for you there.

You get a Cheat Sheet for each person with their details, photo, ideas for conversation starters and a list of joint friends at the event who could introduce you. In short - you get everything you need to find them and start a conversation.

SocialTies is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms - we model people's conversations to figure out if they're a match for you and we summarise their main topics of discussion so you can easily strike up a new conversation.

We'll show you which friends are present and list everyone else by our 'shared interests index'. Anyone you don't know becomes a 'discovery', the highest ranked are those who talk about the same things as you - so they're someone you could probably have a good chat with over a coffee.

Cheat Sheet
The Cheat Sheet lets you learn about your 'discoveries' - their name, what they look like, your joint friends at the event and the things they commonly talk about. In short - everything you need to find them and start a conversation.

Last Updated:2011-09-19 00:55:07
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OS:Android 2.0 and up

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